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Tempurpedic Pillows Come in Three Styles

from: ConsumerEvidence.com

If you have been trying to find that perfect solution to a good night's sleep, then there is no match when it comes to Tempurpedic pillows. You can try all the rest but if you want an unbelievably good night's sleep try resting your head on a Tempurpedic!

Tempurpedic products come in different styles but there are certain things that all Tempurpedic pillows have in common. Swedish scientists initially researched and developed the material these pillows contain, for NASA astronauts. You will never have to fluff these pillows because they hold no "memory" and always return to the original shape. The covers are made of velour and are hypoallergenic, removable and machine washable. A three-year limited warranty is also included on these products.

Depending on your taste, you will find several styles to choose from. We will check out three of the most popular types in this article.

The first style may be the one you first envision when you think of Tempurpedic. It is the NeckPillow. You not only get a restful night's sleep with this one but you also get a more therapeutic experience. The style of this product supports the curve of your shoulders head and neck to help align your spine. A correct fit is necessary for your comfort; the stress against your spine is determined by the position of your head while you are lying down, so this one is offered in a variety of sizes. So consider the NeckPillow by Tempurpedic if you are worried about the alignment of your spine.

The second style is called the Tempurpedic ClassicPillow and it looks are similar to that of a traditional pillow. But a similar appearance is where the resemblance ends due to the difference of materials that the tempurpedic is made of. This product conforms to your shape whether you sleep on your back, front or side because it is made with a soft, yet supportive, filling. Many fine hotels and resorts oftentimes use the ClassicPillow because of the general appeal of it.

For a fabulous sleep try the third style, which is The 48 inch Tempurpedic BodyPillow! Any expecting mother or side-sleeper would do themselves a huge favor by sleeping with one of these pillows. The cover of this style is made with a blend of silk and bamboo, not velour like the others, but it also is removable, mite resistant and of course hypoallergenic and machine washable.

If sweet dreams and a good night's sleep is what you seek, you have just found them with Tempurpedic pillows!


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