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Finding Memory Foam Mattress Accessories

from: ConsumerEvidence.com

There are several memory foam mattress accessories you can purchase to help relieve pain and help with sleep problems like snoring.

A sleep mask is the first one. You place the foam in a dark cover and not only does this cover the eyes but it will conform exactly to the exact contours of your eyes.

If you drive a lot, you may want to consider a memory foam car comforter, which supports the spine and relieves pain in your back. It is added comfort for when you are on the road.

Something else to consider for traveling is the transit pillow. There are some inflatable types of these pillows being sold today but none of those versions use the same material you will find in memory foam mattresses. This pillow will cradle your neck and keeps the pillow set in place at the same time.

If you watch television or read the newspaper in bed, you may find that the bed wedge provides extra support for you and you may find it especially good for breastfeeding mothers.

You can use a bed wedge while working in an office to provide lumbar support and alleviate pressure because it fits the curvature of the spine due to variable adjustments in height and it's anatomical shape.

If you don't want to buy a full size mattress, you could purchase a bed back support. This product is very helpful for pregnant women. A topper is similar to this even though toppers are quite thin, they can provide some support and relief to your lumbar region.

You can also find memory foam accessories to support your pelvic area and your buttocks, not only your back.

A seat cushion will help you sit comfortably for longer periods by helping distribute your weight equally over the entire seat's surface.

A PC seat wedge is also available. This product will push your pelvis frontward and automatically bring your back into an upright posture.

The universal pillow is good when you need all around pressure relief and support. This pillow is semi-circular in shape and can be used behind the lumbar region or neck, under the arms, ankles or knees.

You can place a leg spacer between the knees to get relief of pressure or even under your ankles for added support.

Memory foam mattress accessories complimented each other when used together if more than one body part needs. And for those who travel a lot, you can find smaller visions that are sold in travel sets.

The manufacturers of these products will continue to research and develop new products to meet consumer needs, so it won't be long before more memory foam mattress accessories are introduced to the market. If you would like to find out more about them, you can find them at a nearby store or find out what is available online.


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