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How To Choose the Right Memory Foam Mattres


If you watch television or have been to a furniture store lately , you most likely have seen them or some of your friends may have given great reviews about them. There's a good chance, you probably want a mattress like this yourself. This article will address the question of "How do you choose a memory foam mattress?"

Memory foam mattresses have been around for over ten years and are also known as "visco elastic foam" mattresses. The original design was for astronauts and medical science has used it successfully to help people who have difficulty sleeping or have muscle pains.

Due to these results, hospitals are starting to use them to help prevent the bed sores some patients develop after being confined in a bed for a long time. The innovative design of the mattress has elastic properties and responds to your exact shape and position by automatically sensing the weight of your body and it's temperature. When you change positions, the bed goes will return to its original shape.

While you are shopping for the perfect mattress, remember that foams vary depending on density, so be sure that the foam used is of high enough density so that your body will be correctly supported.

The density of the lower cost mattress is around two or three pounds. The middle grade mattresses density is three to four pounds and the more expensive model is around five to six pounds. Although the high-end density mattress is more expensive, it gives your body the most support but some individuals say that the higher density can be a disadvantage because heat may build up in the mattress.

The temperature sensitivity of the memory foam mattress will react to heat that your body gives off. If you have too high of a density foam, the foams breathing ability will be reduced because the foams air holes can contract and become tiny. This can cause overheating while you sleep, so some people consider the ideal mattress density that you purchase should be between forty and sixty-five kilograms.

You can also prevent overheating with a cover that helps with ventilation. Some covers are specially designed to disperse heat and will help you keep cool which wail help you feel refreshed when you get up the next morning.

You can also check a memory foam mattress to see how temperature sensitive it really is. First check that the mattress melds to the pressure of your body. Your body temperature should start to affect the foam after a few moments, and cause it to soften even further. If your body temperature doesn't affect the material, then you should find another memory foam mattress.

After deciding on the weight, you need to check the memory foam mattresses layers. Make sure the mattress has at least two or three layers of foam. This not only will help distribute the weight of the entire frame but it will also extend the mattresses life.

When you are looking for a memory foam mattress you also need to consider its depth. To get the most support and relief, make sure the depth is seven cm to ten cm.

Also remember that a memory foam mattress can act like a sponge and absorb liquids quickly. You don't want to damage your new memory foam mattress so look for a water proof one to prevent this from happening.

If a full size mattress is too expensive for your budget, a memory foam topper may be more your style. A topper is thinner than a full size mattress and you can lay it over your current mattress so you can still enjoy some memory foam comfort.



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